Intelligent Plant

Customer demand oriented

Genlai Group combines modern technology and bioengineering technology to achieve efficient and intelligent production. Driven by customer needs, our service and delivery are highly rated by more than 95% of Genlai customers, and our customer satisfaction is well-known in the industry.

The annual production capacity can reach more than 600 million bags, ranking the leading domestic level. It mainly manufactures powder, liquid drink and Yaoyao bags as the main dosage form products, leading the trend of oral beauty.


Excellent production and quality management

Through digitization and systematization, it covers the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement, production, warehouse storage to product delivery, ensuring the transparency and traceability of the production process and the on-time delivery of orders, greatly improving the response speed of the supply chain.
More than 12 innovative dosage forms such as powder, canned, special-shaped bag, PET bottle, bottled oral liquid, jelly, nutritional extract, bird's nest bottle drink, soft capsule, nutritional gummy, tablet, effervescent tablet, etc.
Over 99% of orders are on time
delivery rate, and more than 96%
customer return rate
6.5 million+
Statistics by bagged dosage form, Nissan
Can be as high as 6.5 million. finished product
The daily shipment exceeds 100,000 pieces.
100,000-level purification vehicle based on pharmaceutical standards
room for food processing environments
Clean and safe.

Top 10 scientific research maps

Genlai Group GENLAI has constructed 10 major scientific research maps of the human body to create highly competitive products for human health in an all-round way. With more than 40 years of experience, we integrate expertise in various fields to provide compliant and reliable solutions that meet your requirements and market trends. From product concept to launch, it includes a full range of services such as raw material research and development, product planning, manufacturing, quality management, regulatory consultation, and after-sales value-added services.

Diversified product packaging

Genlai Group GENLAI perfects the entire product packaging for you. We have excellent packaging solution capabilities and complete equipment support to achieve the packaging form you want. And has a group of professional packaging technology team, can according to different market positioning and product requirements, from the design concept of packaging process, the scientificity and practicability of packaging, to the evaluation and implementation of functions, to provide customers with complete packaging technology support.