GENLAI Founder
CEO of Genlai Group
Shi Jiayi
• Born in Taiwan, China, graduated from Shanghai LaSalle International Design Institute
• Director of Gen Leiman International Holdings
• General Manager of Shanghai Genlai Food Co., Ltd.
• Vice President & Minister of Youth Department of Shanghai Taiwan Compatriots Investment Association
• Vice-chairman of Shanghai Taiwan Association's Great Health Working Committee
• As an outstanding representative of Taiwanese enterprises of the All-China Union of Industry and Commerce, he was met by Yu Zhengsheng
• Won the "Shanghai Youth May 4th Medal"
• Invited to participate in the party's 100th anniversary ceremony

Founder's words

Shi Jiayi: My biggest wish is to let people all over the world live a healthy and better life!
Genlai Foods is an enterprise founded by my mother. After nearly 40 years of history, my mother is very honest and trustworthy in business. She studies every product with heart, and analyzes all ingredients with the spirit of pharmaceuticals. To provide customers with the best and healthiest food. So when I was growing up, I was exploring the relationship and taste of food every moment, and found that good food taste can make people feel happy; good food sources can make people live a healthy life.
My mother told me that we came from Mainlan China, so we need to find original food materia from there.  In 1997, when my mother came to Shanghai, Shanghai Genlai Food Co., Ltd. was established. At that time, there were many outstanding talents in crop cultivation and biomedicine in Taiwan. We began to establish a cross-strait industry-university-research platform, using the concepts of food science and biological research and development, and gradually began to function Sexual health drink. When I grew up, I visited Europe, the United States and Japan, and tested the patented raw materials of various countries with various medical universities in Taiwan through the theoretical basis, and began to set up 9 major laboratories and research teams. The ingredients that can bring people "beauty" and "health" are found in the ingredients, and there are thousands of raw material databases and more than 500 mature formulas. Genlai Group has a profound food biotechnology background at every step, fully understands the source of each high-quality ingredient, and creates healthy and efficient nutritious food through the best raw material extraction and golden ratio formula.
As the Genlai Group continues to grow and provide more services to customers, we still inherit the spirit and mission of our mother, and work with us to change the health of people around the world!
Join and Improve Health around the World!
CEO of Genlai Group