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Group introduction

Genlai Group, founded in 1987, started from a research and development center and sales of healthy drinks. Entered mainland China in 1997, committed to the research and development of food raw materials science and biotechnology. For more than 30 years, Genlai Group has adhered to the belief of "integrity is the root, bringing people beautiful, healthy and technological food", and has produced high-quality and high-efficiency products with the rigorous spirit of pharmaceuticals. Through the research of natural ingredients and the power of technology, we will discover a variety of ingredients in the world, and provide people all over the world with natural, high-quality, healthy functional drinks and nutritional supplements.

As a professional biotech food company, Genlai Group has its own 9 laboratories, scientific research centers and multiple automated production line factories. An enterprise integrating R&D, production design, and after-sales marketing. Genlai Group has obtained more than 15 production qualifications, and has won more than ten qualification certifications such as ISO quality management system certification, HACCP food safety management system certification, FSSC food safety system certification, and US Food and Drug Administration FDA certification, and has more than 50 patented technologies. . It can produce more than 12 innovative dosage forms, such as powders, cans, special-shaped bags, PET bottles, bottled oral liquids, jelly, nutritional extracts, bird's nest bottled drinks, soft capsules, nutritional gummies, tablets, effervescent tablets, etc. , thousands of products, greatly meet the needs of brands, retailers and consumers.

Business philosophy
GENLAI Genlai Group is based on honesty ( Trust ) and with the rigorous spirit of pharmaceuticals to create healthy food with beauty , health and science .
Our Mission
Let every person and family have healthy and efficient nutritious food through the best raw material extraction and golden ratio formula. Work with us to change the health of people around the world!

Corporate Social Responsibility
Founded in 1987, Genlai Group is one of the world's major research, catering, and nutritional health food contract developers and manufacturers. Genlai can provide high-quality raw materials, flexible formulations, optimized product solutions, and work closely with customers to become your most trusted partner.
At Genlai, we deeply understand that the achievements of an enterprise cannot be measured only by income, but more importantly, what contribution this enterprise can make to employees, society and the world.
Therefore, as a respected food company, we deeply understand that "people take food as the sky", and all products are dedicated to human health. As responsible Chinese, we do our part for society and the environment. Become a company with " LOVE "!

Join Genlai
We value the spirit of total commitment and mutual respect, and strive to create a sense of unity, belonging and professional seriousness among our employees.

A spirit of solidarity, tolerance and cooperation
A sense of integrity, mutual trust and respect
A culture of strong belonging and a willingness to share responsibility
A culture that takes responsibility and ensures a clean, safe and accident-free environment
A mindset that encourages creativity and innovation
A passion for leading and setting new development directions, and constantly rediscovering oneself
A passion for the highest quality, ultimate perfection and solid service A commitment to work hard with a common goal and growth direction
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